After sales app

Today, customers expect more care in the services offered after the purchase.

Shipyards, however, seldom plan business activities or organize information in the light of the after-sale happenings.

There is the need for a new model that puts the customer at the centre of the business, because the producer’s success depends on the former’s perception of the product’s quality.

A rise in real and perceived quality is obtained by increasing the quality of production and customer care. This strengthens the visibility and reliability of the product, creating an extremely strong bond between customer and brand.

The TBS app is the answer to this market need, being the tool that allows the bonding of the customer to one’s brand through the exclusivity and the quality of the service. A tablet and an internet connection are all that’s needed to:

  • Consult the boat’s documents and owner’s manuals.
  • Consult the planned maintenance schedule for each component and record the performed maintenance interventions.
  • Request technical support and receive real time information, from the shipyard or the dedicated support centre, on how to solve or contain an issue.
  • Purchase the required replacement parts from the online store, or order an upgrade of the rigging or the onboard components.